Not A Morning Person? A Few Morning Tips To Get You Out of The House Quicker

Getting Up


If you struggle getting up in the morning you might need a new sleep/diet/exercise routine…..maybe.

Try to get a good night’s sleep, even if it means gong to bed earlier and developing a new evening wind down routine.

That aside, leave your alarm somewhere that is not within arms reach of your bed, so you are forced to ‘get out’ of bed to switch the thing off in the morning. The furthest side of the room away from you is preferable.

Failing that, get a scary alarm clock like this one – your screams will wake you up immediately (and everyone else in the house), with no going back.


This is not my alarm clock – just for the record!!  Source

If you are always running late then quite frankly you need to set your alarm  and clocks around the house (and mobile phone) faster than the actual time (depending on how late you tend to be). You’ll soon forget they are ahead of time and begin marvel in astonishment as you end up being earlier for things than you excepted.

Set two alarms for each morning,  in case you decide to ignore the first one.



As soon as you get out of bed, put some music on, or programme it to come on at a certain time if you’re that sophisticated (not too loud though – we don’t want to fall out with all the neighbours), and once you’re showered, plug in your earphones and turn up the volume. Fast music makes you move faster (it can also lead to excessive dancing in the mirror and losing track of time – so try and stay focused).


Get on down

Pre-select your attire

I would always roll my eyes whenever I thought of this in the past, ‘got better things to do with my evenings than think about anything to do with work’ but it will really save you  precious time – at least some of the time anyway.

Check the weather forecast the night before (BBC Weather online is good), and then bearing in mind what you have planned the next day (meetings, lunch dates, shopping, the dentist etc…) lay out a couple of outfits to choose from in the morning. This should include everything from underwear to accessories, handbag, belt, brolly, purse etc and make sure you iron whatever needs ironing.


Keep all the things you need for getting ready all in one place/box/drawer, and make sure everything is in there the night before:

  • Comb/brush
  • Hair products & accessories
  • Make up & moisturisers
  • Clothes brush
  • Fragrance



No No No!!!

If time is very tight in the morning, make yourself a sandwich the night before and grab it out of the fridge in the morning – for breakfast!

A photo by Anna Dziubinska.

Then off to work you go…..hi ho hi ho hi ho hi ho…..

Jokes aside, some of these tips might just make a difference to your morning routine – for the better.

Feel free to share yours. x

6 thoughts on “Not A Morning Person? A Few Morning Tips To Get You Out of The House Quicker

  1. Mary H

    I’ve tried all of these but nothing works. I’ve just accepted the fact that I’m destined to be a megabitch in the morning. Best thing I can do is jump in the shower first thing. I have long winded love affair with sleep which I hope never dies. I have my routine down to a fine art now & It’s 40 mins from waking to getting in my car. This includes a shower & makeup.

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