Style Thoughts and Tips

Not that I’m a fashion expert or anything…..

Being stylish really isn’t about how much money you spend, it’s all down to how you put a look together, and the confidence you exude when carrying it off

Low rise jeans are a great style for a slim waist and adds length to a short body.

Try to gather a wide selection of umbrellas in different colours and patterns – then you’ll always have a brolly to compliment any outfit. Your umbrella is an accessory, when it rains you wear it – essentially!!

I cannot bear to see white or orange stitching on denim – in fact I’m not keen on seeing any stitching – I think it makes them look cheap

If you live alone (or even if you don’t !) make sure you would be happy to be seen in whatever you choose to wear for bed should you (heaven forbid) need to dash out into the night due to some imminent emergency (or keep something easy to throw on – close to hand)

I do not like those belts where you push the pointer into the punched hole. The holes have a habit of stretching after a while and then the belt start popping off while you wear them – no good. I much prefer a buckle or friction belt

If you can’t find the time to do your nail polish in the morning and mostly stick to the same colour, invest in a good shellac – a french manicure/white tip shellac would be the easiest to maintain if possible – you’ll hardly notice as they grow out.

Ok I know it’s ‘cool’ at the moment and lots of women do it BUT, personally, I’m not a fan of a mis-matched bikini. It’s like taking the cherry of the cake – the whole look seems to be missing something and lacks impact.

Check your VPL before leaving the house, especially in the summer when wearing lighter fabrics, or a slinky dress. (Visible panty lines can cheapen an otherwise impressive look – take heed). Invest in some seamless knickers.

Smarten up boring cardigans and jackets/coats with some stylish buttons. A bit of haberdashery can go a long way!

When wearing heels, please do not drag your feet across the floor when you walk – unless you are trying to pull off “how not to be elegant” 

Boost black cotton garments with Dylon fabric dye every now and again – keeps the looking rich in colour. 

Every underwear drawer should also have a few tshirt bras. Bumpy textures are not a good look when wearing chiffons and thin vests


Garments with movement, swish/swirl/float, automatically add femininity to any look

No point wearing nice shoes and a scruffy bag, bags and shoes are worth investing well in – they really set off your whole look 

Sunglasses in a hue to match something you are wearing really makes an impact.


Thick parcel tape is great for removing fluff off dark clothes


Lovely smart clothes for work+trainer+rucksack = style demolished

dresser-576045_1280.jpg 2


Do not let your heels wear down to the point of leaning: this is not a good look and bad for posture


Polish your shoes and iron your clothes, it makes such a difference to the quality and makes you look well groomed


Nail polish remover is great for removing marks from patent shoes


Patent shoes look fabulous with ultra glossy tights

Personally, putting full make-up on while sat on the tube is as good as blowing your own cover ladies. Some things should remain mysterious


Keep a bottle of topcoat clear shine nail polish in your bag 4 any time you need a gloss-up b4 a meeting, lunch, after work drinks etc


I prefer to wear two signature pieces of jewellery at time, three’s a crowd


Sandals and socks – just don’t


Unless your job prevents it – always wear nail polish (even if only a clear shiny one), dull nails look like you haven’t made an effort


Wear a pair of gloves when putting on tights or holdups to prevent nails from catching on them.


If the shoes pinch in the shop, do not buy them, you will end up wearing them once and then never again


People always look at your nails. Keep them well groomed & polished. 

DIY manicure while watching TV, no excuse to neglect.


When wearing leggings, wear a top that covers your bits. Too much information is not pretty!!


A distinguished hat will add drama and charisma to any outfit.


There is something about a person’s shoes that just gives you a whole vibe about them


Have a stash of boob tubes in every colour going, they are great for layering and adding colour


Bra straps showing (even clear ones) can often look tacky. Invest in a range of bras with racer back, hater neck, multiway options


When wearing sheer clothing, wear underwear that is as close to your skin tone as possible


Nails that are ‘just’ over the tip of the finger look better than talons


A scarf is another great way to add colour, texture and charisma to an outfit – for any season


Make sure your coat length is longer than your dress or skirt – flows better and looks more elegant


Round and high neck tops will accentuate the bust, V necks have a minimising effect


Bring coloured jeans back to life with Dylon machine dye, especially black and dark blue. Anything that looks like faded black looks cheap and scruffy.


Sleep with a leave in conditioner and plaits for glossy waves in the morning


A purse to match your bag really looks impressive


An umbrella to match the colours you are wearing – impressive, most people mismatch. Get brollies in as many colours as possible, they are an accessory after all all.


Carry sunglasses in you bag as standard, the sun can shine anytime of the year whether its hot or not


The flatter the sole of the shoe, the more elegant and expensive they look (as opposed to chunky platform soles. Hidden platforms are also preferable….you don’t see the adjoining line between the shoe and platform piece)


Spray perfume inside the underarm of coats, cardigans and jumpers, the warmth in this area makes the scent radiate

perfume-1087756_1280.jpg 2

When wearing a ponytail, cover the hair band by wrapping a strand of hair around it and discretely pinning under the nape of the neck


For me, sports wear (including socks and trainers) should only be worn when playing sport


Keep spare tights in your bag unless you are wearing a thick denier

A scarf can inexpensively style & edge-up bland outfits, stock up on scarves for all seasons, silky and chunky.

I’ll add more if anything springs to mind!!

Style is a very personal and individual thing, there are no rules really, but we all have our preferences, and even though I’m sharing mine, it really is ‘how’ you style and carry your look, rather than merely ‘what’ you wear that makes a positive impact

……and another thing, ten people could all wear the same thing, following the same ‘rules’ and perhaps only one would make your head turn in admiration, so “wear it your way”!!


53 thoughts on “Style Thoughts and Tips

  1. Samantha R

    Always try different styles! This is maybe a bit different because it’s about my wedding dress – but my mum was trying to get me to look at strapless, princess type dresses which is NOT my style at all. I tried one on to make her happy and ended up falling in love with the style.. a few months later I found my dream dress and it was strapless and big at the bottom! If it wasn’t for my mum I wouldn’t have even considered the style at all! It’s made me a lot more open minded about the clothes I wear day to day as you never know what will suit you.

    1. Cherryl

      I agree, but the post is about ‘style’ – this is about how you choose to present/dress yourself and that’s quite a quirky and creative thing, different people like and/or suit different things – style is often a reflection of a personality and interesting to other people. I certainly admire the styles of others and have an appreciation for outfits that have been put together impressively – it is also simply interesting to hear other peoples style preferences. I don’t think this necessarily has to have anything to do with how you feel about yourself as a person – but perhaps for some people it does. How you look/dress can have an impact of how a lot of people feel – i.e. – different styles can leave you in different moods (heels vs trainer for example) ☺️x

  2. Laura Whittle

    Don’t be afraid to go outside your comfort zone. I have always gone for black and grey clothes, but went shopping with my Mum the other day who picked out a bright coral dress with cut out detail for me to try on. I was horrified – far too bright and cut out detail with my Mummy body?! Tried it on to appease her and it actually looked great! For the first time in ages I felt stylish and that I looked on trend,snapped it up straight away. Try something new!

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