Samsung Pocket Selfie Camera



It’s about the area of a credit card.   I wanted something very slim and small that can be hidden in a pocket or hand discretely…this is great so you don’t always have to get your big SLR out if you have one.

This camera, I’ve got to say, is a really great buy –  money well spent. It also made with selfies in mind – you can see the picture on the front and back of the camera when in ‘selfie mode’…

Downsides: The only thing is that the white print on the centre circular mode dial has rubbed off….but it is a very easy camera to use…and I could always make a stick some on again.

The battery has to be charged whilst inside the camera….unlike some cameras that come with a separate charger.  So you can’t use the camera with another battery whilst it is charging.  No biggie though if you charge a spare each evening or before you go out ( assuming you are on holiday).

It’s a great little camera for the pocket or handbag…great for whipping out when something photo worthy comes your way while out and about  – anywhere really, and great for a night out as it is so small.


What Battery Does it Take?

This camera takes a Samsung BP70A battery, I bought a few…always good t have at least a couple spare and charged while you’re out….if  like me and take zillions of pictures on holiday.

What Memory Card Does It Take?

It takes Micro SD sized memory cards so you will need an adaptor or suitable reader when transferring pictures to laptop….unless you transfer with a lead straight from the camera.  

You slot the Micro SD Card into the adaptar…then transfer as you would with a standard SD Memory Card.


More recently, having used this camera over a couple of years I’ve noticed that when filming, you often see two blue lines in the footage which also show up during playback – spoiling the quality. I’m not sure whether this is a cult with the camera or something that can be dealt with by adjusting some of the settings but it’s a real nuisance.

In terms of taking photographs, I have no complaints.




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