Brighton Day Out

……..a Lovely Day

Train trip from London (get tickets online in advance for  a cheap deal) – easy journey, and then 5 min downhill walk from Brighton Station to the beach.

There is so much to see and do in the summertime (August) I was very surprised indeed. The last time I’d been was on a blustery day – it was very quiet and not much going on (this was still nice though). It’s probably worth making an overnight trip and checking into one of the beach front hotels.  Plus in the evening there are lots of live outdoor bands/singers etc…you might want to stick around and not have to worry about getting home.

Also, children of all ages will absolutely love this place, much of the activity is geared towards kids (including the grown up kind, ha ha).

Walkers – this beach is really really really……(and a few more really’s) long, so perfect for a day of leisurely strolling.

Welcome to Brighton Beach
Beautiful blue Brighton sea
Just relax
After the fire
Everyone’s just chillin out

Lots of quirky arts and craft type gift shops 
On the beach
Great for a lazy day
Live statue
Doughnut pier
Fun and games inside, bumper cars bouncy castles and candyfloss!!

Not for the faint hearted

Trampolining on the beach



Crazy golf

The gorilla that needs a bra!!! 

Pool fun and games 

Market stalls
Shopperholics were not disappointed!!

Outdoor paddling pool for kids

It is quite a steep hill to walk up and down to the beach from the station and back (in case mobility is a struggle/help required).


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