The Dreadful Judgement, Great Fire Of London

The Dreadful Judgement by Neil Hanson 
This is a detailed and in parts graphic, telling of the backdrop and story of the Great Fire of London, a must for anyone interested in a more in-depth insight into this piece of history. It is helpfully written in the style of a novel to make it easier to follow.


The title of this book makes me wonder whether perhaps people think it was some sort of supernatural punishment, an act of God…..who knows!

Did you know:

  1. The great fire started in a bakery shop (no, not Greggs). 
  2. The great fire took place in the year 1666
  3. The most well known building to be destroyed by the fire was St Paul’s Cathedral.SAM_1589SAM_1586SAM_1585SAM_1584
  4. The great fire is meant to have burned hardest for five days straight.
  5. Thatched roofs were banned after the great fire, for obvious reasons (but at least we still have the lovely Cotswolds).


  6. The main method of fighting the fire was to demolish buildings in order to stop it spreading (no luxury of wonderful firemen with automatic hoses). firefighters-870888_640 Source                                                                                                                                                         To make matters worse, it had been a very dry hot summer with limited water supplies, talk about unfortunate timing. Well I suppose there’s never a good time for an entire city to catch fire!
  7. The change in wind direction also helped to control the fire, eventually. 8NF1VZVEZ7        Source
  8. The world’s very first insurance company came about after the great fire. Well if this wasn’t a good time to start I don’t know what time would’ve been, crikey!
  9. Over 100,000 people were left homeless as a result of the fire. people-844213_640                       Source
  10. A French watchmaker falsely confessed to starting the fire and was executed for it (the death penalty, torture etc was all the norm back then) but the man was later found to be innocent.

History buffs and the ‘generally curious’ will enjoy this book.









54 thoughts on “The Dreadful Judgement, Great Fire Of London

    1. Cherryl

      This definitely isn’t a light read – much more educational, informative and in-depth for those with particular interest in learning more the history of the great fire – from start to finish. 📚


  1. Anonymous

    This book looks a really interesting read, just had a look, and it’s not on kindle. A real shame, I do prefer to read on my kindle these days.


  2. Ruth Harwood

    love reading about the great fire – its a shame that those owning the buildings surrounding the fire refused to pull them down – could’ve been stopped so much sooner!!


  3. Sandra Lane

    I’m not sure if this is entirely true but I read that after the Great Fire there were no more major outbreaks of bubonic plague because all the rats had been destroyed.


  4. Ruth Harwood

    Done a little reading about the fire for my degree and I feel for the baker blamed for it! Interesting that even the King got his hands dirty fighting it 🙂


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