Under The Sea: Sea Life London Aquarium

Given my obsession with fish and aquariums, it will come as no surprise that the London Aquarium is an old favourite of mine.

Does anyone else feel like they’re in one of the ‘Alien’ film spaceships when you walk through Westminster tube station, it looks/feels very space-age-esk!!! Take Exit 1 and turn left- cross at the traffic lights – keep walking straight ahead – you’ll see the aquarium from a distance to your left, over the bridge.

Now it isn’t a thrifty day out, but it’s great value for such a vast and varied aquarium that you can stroll through at your leisure.

It’s a visual feast, and educational too.

Website link: https://www.visitsealife.com/london/ 

Above: ……..and the Oscar for the ability to look like a convincing statue goes to this guy, yes he is real, I saw his eyes move. Actually not sure if it’s a he or a she!!

These fish really stare at you!! Tips for the day:

  • Bring drinks and snacks to keep you going
  • Wear comfortable shoes
  • Bring a camera (with back up battery life), you can easily spend 2-3 hours or more exploring and taking it all in. You are also surrounded by a few great River Thames  landmarks outside too, very photo-worthy


  • If you get irritated by crowds, avoid weekends, and bank holidays, or pick a rainy day when people are less likely to want to venture out  – same tip for going shopping too!! (take a day/afternoon off work if possible).
  • We’re in school holiday season now so the crowd is likely to be a bit busier than usual – however it’s a venue that allows you to take your time – no need to rush if you get there nice and early
  • It’s very warm and humid in the aquarium so be prepared to strip of those layers once you’re down there

I’ve tried to capture a good range of what you can expect to see in the VIDEO BELOW – hope you enjoy it!!

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