Out and About Camden Town


Camden is a great place to go for lots of reasons.

If you enjoy idly wandering around and feasting your eyes on a ridiculous array of shops, winding allyways rammed tightly with stalls, some weird some wonderful; food stalls and eateries galore, and you don’t mind a thick crowd, then Camden Town is a great place to potter around.

Camden Market, Camden Lock and it’s mazes of markets will easily fill an empty day, it’s tourist heavy and always draws a thick crown!!

Do not go here if you are in a rush, this is a place to potter – slow your pace and absorb everything around you – it’s not Oxford Street guys…. lol.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll  probably wander around for a good few hours and not buy a thing. This can be quite a thrifty day out.

I don’t know what it is but the more thick and overwhelming the array of things for sale – the less I can focus on any of it – my eyes go into scan and move on mode.

The atmosphere and food are more my thing. Foodies will not be disappointed, there is no shortage of food types to try around here.

If you’re travelling by tube – bare in mind that on a Sunday, Camden Station operates on and Exit only basis (I’m not sure about Saturdays), which means you can get out from wherever you’ve travelled from but you can’t get back in for your return journey – you’ll need to get to grips with the buses and jump on one that’s heading somewhere in your direction  – or nearest ‘other’ tube station to re-connect. Weekdays are normal.

Above: A mad hatters tea party outside Camden Market today, take a seat next to Alice and take a photo!!




Above: A splash of Brazilian colour.

Got to love Aldo’s discount store XX     Thrifty bargain hunters – get yourselves down there, so many shoooooes!!


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