Time for Tea!! The Tea Terrace

Next time you’re in House of Fraser on Oxford Street, pop up to the fifth floor (at the back of the children’s clothes department) to experience a feeling of Alice in Wonderland at a tea party, or dolls house afternoon tea. Well kind of.

This is the second time I’ve had tea and cake at The Tea TerraceΒ and it’s such a quaint little place.

The tea cups, saucers, teapots etc are so pretty and dainty….you’ll feel like a princess (or prince if you sit in one of the ridiculously huge thrones).

See web link: http://www.teaterrace.co.ukΒ for more details.

The pictures on the link are old – the pictures below are the latest look!!, which one do you prefer?

4 thoughts on “Time for Tea!! The Tea Terrace

  1. Tash

    This place used to be half way decent… before they ‘updated’ it. Honestly, I think the new look is absolutely horriffic. It’s like Disney and Barbie had a demented lovechild who became an interior designer and created this monstrocity to get back at the universe for something. I’m all up for novelty and fun – Mr Foggs Residence, for example is fantastic… this is just a hideously overpriced plastic and diamante eyesore with the slowest service imaginable. How they can claim to be among the best tea rooms in Britain is beyond me. You want a good Afternoon Tea experience go to Claridges or The Wolseley and avoid this place like the plague.

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