Head In The Clouds: View From The Shard

360 degree view of London from the tallest building in western Europe.

The building is split into various sections including the Shangri-La Hotel, domestic dwellings, and office space.

I don’t really want to repeat all the building related facts because you can read all about these on the Shard website: http://www.the-shard.com 

My visit was early in the afternoon, but I bet the sunsets look amazing, imagine a thunder storm while you’re up there, the lightning must look picture-book!!

I overheard one of the staff  saying that you can actually feel the Shard shake when the wind is high.

I’m not sure if you see all of London, maybe many of the outer boroughs aren’t visible within the spectrum but you see a great span from here.

Remember, unlike most other London attractions, you can’t just turn up for this one – you must book tickets in advance.

….and you will feel a bit like you’re in an airport when you go though the security checks.

Whatever time of day you go – you will be given the chance to purchase photos of yourself/party against a range of backgrounds, including a night time Shard view – this was really impressive and great quality, but do take your own cameras  – you can’t go up there and not have good old go at some Shard selfies.

4 thoughts on “Head In The Clouds: View From The Shard

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    1. thriftyshopper7

      Hi – yes, I can’t get over that myself, everything looked so small up there – I think it takes away some of the awe, St Paul’s Cathedral looked like some tiny little building lol.

      To really appreciate the size and presence of London’s landmark buildings I think you need a closer view than the Shard. The Shard’s selling point is more the panoramic sweeping view.

      I haven’t been to the Walkie Talkie, but judging by pictures online it looks really good – giving a more close-up view of the city, and the roof garden looks lovely too.

      Thanks πŸ™‚

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