Clutch of the day: Bagged it!

There will never be just one bag for all occasions, seasons and tastes.

A clutch bag offers a few note worthy things:

  • Minimalism
  • Elegance
  • Tidiness
  • Formality
  • De-cluttered presentation


A clutch bag forces you to go into your bag with that bit more grace. As opposed to drilling your arm, elbow deep into your bag and rummaging wildly for this, that or the other.

With nothing hanging off your shoulder, your dress/outfit becomes all the more ‘centre stage’.

I got this black crock print clutch from Mango.

Compared to other high street retailers with similar bags, this one was far less bulky under the arm, and pounds lighter whilst empty.

Now for the compromise.  You cannot throw in all your usual day to day paraphernalia. The last thing you need is bulk, if you want a snug fit and the bag to click shut.

If you’re like me and tend to take an umbrella almost everywhere, then a regular tubular umbrella is no use here. You need a supper slim/flat umbrella for this bag.


The chain is a nice bold feature, and versatile. It looks nice tucked into the bag, draping over sides, but can also be worn in traditional hand bag style.

Personally, I think any textured animal print in black just gives off quite a strong, powerful and formal look.

There is also something about this bag that reminds me of Chanel, that bold, yet understated, simple and serious.







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