Pedestrian Rage

So maybe the term isn’t so common yet but pedestrian rage is definitely a ‘thing’, I see it every day in London.

Tutting, huffing and puffing at slow moving buggy pushers, the five friends who walk side by side taking up the entire width of the pavement, the sound of an irritable voice clearing it’s throat purposefully in your ear (presumably a euphemism for I’d like to get passed please), oh and the classic evil glare from pedestrian to driver where the driver fails to indicate on a corner.

urban-438393_640Β Source

I see people dodging traffic, daring drivers ‘not to slow down for them while the traffic lights are still green’.

Then there are the rushers, darting around like there’s no tomorrow, you are always in ‘their way’ it would seem; admittedly there have been occasions where I’ve longed for a fast path/lane for pedestrians on Oxford Street, and a slow lane for the more leisurely or sight seeing orientated pedestrian. Β Speaking of which, I hear there is talk of pedestrianising Oxford Street – a brilliant idea.

Now don’t get me started on the cyclists who miraculously decide they are also pedestrians when the green man appears at the crossing.

Then there are those moments when pedestrians do what I call the ‘which way dance’ where both choose the same side of the pavement thinking the other person will choose the other, both bopping from left to right, sometimes its funny, sometimes not. Worse still, the pedestrians who have firmly decided they will not ‘give way’ and refuse to budge an inch to let another walk by.

Pedestrian rage is real.





36 thoughts on “Pedestrian Rage

  1. Anxiety Mummy

    I personally think those that don’t have a lunch hour and can spend any time of day running errands or browsing shops should be encouraged to remain indoors at peak times such as lunch and pre 9am / post 5pm – I can’t stand seeing my lunch time slip away because I’m waiting in a queue of people that could clearly do what they’re doing at any hour!


  2. Catherine Thomas

    “Now don’t get me started on the cyclists who miraculously decide they are also pedestrians when the green man appears at the crossing”
    Haha totally agree on this one πŸ™‚


  3. Samantha R

    I used to live in London and now live in Edinburgh.. it’s almost as bad here. Nothing worse than when people take up the whole of the path AND walk really slowly!!


  4. Judith Allen

    I’ll stay put in this lovely sleepy town in North Wales thanks, it sounds horrendous! Still, my daughter loves living and working in London. I do feel old…


  5. Mary H

    Haha yes – it’s very real in London. I live in Bristol which is quite laid back. I walk very fast, but there is enough room here I guess to overtake the slower paced folk.


  6. Kirsty Hosty

    People who don’t say thank you when you hold doors for them in shops and especially for me when I move out the way with my pushchair for people to get past grrr. Manners don’t cost anything


  7. janine atkin

    pushchairs get me. why is it always me that has to dive out of the way? im all for giving them room but my god, some pushchair people think they own the street


    1. Judith Hamilton

      They are not walking slowly for the fun of it but probably just can’t go faster because of problems with feet and/or legs/hips lets have a bit of compassion.


  8. Ruth Harwood

    There’s a pedestrian crossing near us that the cars ignore my right of way at every time – risk life and limb getting across!!


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