Road Rage

Once upon a time when I got a taxi home from wherever I’d been, well, my goodness – the driver had the mightiest burst of road rage I’ve witnessed in a while – he had to have been on the verge of spontaneous combustion. Times ten. 💣

What was all the fuss about then?

Well a delivery van had decided to park on double yellow lines, blocking our lane of traffic  – we were at the front of a roadblock and all the traffic piled up behind us were beeping their horns, blocking a major junction and roundabout – mayhem.

Making matters worse

A pedestrian decided to come over and have a go at my driver for beeping his horn:

“…that’s not gonna help is it, you’re deafening everyone”. 

Yep, it’s always smart to approach an enraged driver with the calm voice of reason – it always helps doesn’t it!

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To say my driver was vocal was an understatement – he was furious to the point of almost bursting out of his seatbelt, ready for war,  while he yelled expletives at the delivery driver and his delivery assistant – then my driver decided to wind the electronic windows down so that he could vent his rage more vocally.

Running through my mind…

Me at this point – head in my hands, wondering what time of the night I was going to get home – but mildly entertained by my taxi driver – he was a verbal warrior, he certainly wasn’t shy about expressing what side of the fence he stood on, and not ‘trying to be polite about it either’ just a brutally clear stance.

People who drive for a living, must develop a special kind of patience…over time (or maybe not).

Surely road rage must have something to do with rising blood pressure levels these days – surely?

Maybe pedestrian rage has a part to play too!! (Perhaps living in the wilderness is the only way to escape). 🌳

If you’ve had any funny, scary or just annoying road rage stories, please do tell – share them below, I mean how bad can it get? 

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