YS Falls Jamaica Waterfall: St Elizabeth

YS Falls Jamaica, it’s probably not the first tourist attraction you think of when planning your sunny JA holiday is it!

When it comes to Jamaica, we hear about ‘Dunns River Falls’ to no end.  It’s the ‘bees knees’ according to all the brochures and travel guides.

Here is a lesser well advertised waterfall, in a lovely lush park  – YS Falls sits in the southern Jamaican parish of Saint Elizabeth.

I didn’t realise at the time (didn’t count them), but it’s actually 7 layers of waterfalls and swimming pools that make up YS Falls – so plenty of room for everyone!

YS is the shortest place name in Jamaica, it was originally a cane farm, with a factory. YS Estate was also a supplier of logwood for export to Europe. The heart of the logwood tree was used for the purpose of making dye.

YS Falls Jamaica

You can go swimming , have a picnic, try the zip lines or just find a chill spot and relax.

The water is a stunning deep blue, the camera never captures the full beauty – you need to go and see it for yourself.

If you’re visiting  Jamaica anytime soon, add this to your list of places to go.

Shuttle tractor, getting you to and from the main entrance. YS Falls Jamaica

Official website: http://ysfalls.com 

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