Beach Banter #1

Mr Mighty

So we’ve probably all spotted one of these at some point or another.

Mr Mighty relishes in having a captive audience readily waiting along the entire beach strip, he flexes his muscles repeatedly before carrying out some very focused stretches.

Mr Mighty simply must show you the extent of his physical prowess by doing pushups, squats, beach laps and olympic lengths in the ocean, while the sun scorches down relentlessly. The show must go on….


Beach Neighbours

Why is it that that without even trying, you somehow find yourself next to the same people on the beach today that you were next to on a completely different beach yesterday. Please don’t think we’re following you, we are not stalking you.

It’s Rude to Stare

When all the white/yellow crabs start popping up all around you, as though playing some strange game of beach peekaboo, leaving you squinting a little to double check you are not seeing things and that those were definitely a pair of little black eyes staring at you, whilst the crab’s body seems almost invisible as it blends into the sand.

Crabs must be either the most patient creatures on the beach or the angriest. Why? Well we are constantly trampling their well dug out tunnel entrances, leaving them having to dig another one over and over again, no wonder they’re not very friendly.


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