Beach Banter #2

The Joys of Sand

No matter how hard you try, you will absolutely always find grains of sand in your bag or in something on your person by the end of the day and the end of your holiday.

Sand grains may be small but they are mightlily persistent, they just won’t let go!

If you wear anything lycra (most swimwear), there will always be random bits of sand lodged into the fabric well after you’ve washed it.

Sand always finds it’s way across the Atlantic, Pacific, or whatever ocean you’re travelling over, and back to your home sweet home.

If sand was a person, you would definitely want them on your team 😉


Pigeon Point, Tobago

Life Guards

Well don’t they just have one of the most leisurely looking jobs – at least while stationed on a hot tropical beach.

Spending their days on the beach, admired as the hero in waiting.

Mingling with and working their charm on unsuspecting sunbathers, offering to chaperone the ladies on a night out.

People watching while sipping cool drinks, watching the waves.

The bliss of sea breezes and sound of the waves to pass the day.

Perks of the job!

Nice work!



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