Flex it: Gorilla Tripod

Have you tried shopping for a camera tripod online recently?

There are so many different designs, makes  and model – it just gets a bit too much.

After a persuasive travel vlog I happened to stumble upon, the Joby Gorilla Tripod caught my eye and I was sold.

I bought the version designed for a compact camera via Amazon.

Well I must say, I’m rather impressed.

It has ultra bendy flexible legs that can bend into all sorts of wonderful contortions.


For all the ‘kids at heart’ the Gorilla looks (and can function like) a toy; you can actually play with it, fact.

Twist and bend its legs until your heart’s content.

It can be placed, wrapped, twisted round, hooked onto and lodged into all sorts of nooks crannies, awkward places and positions.

Its a tad more discreet that your average photographer type tripod, and nifty for placing on a table, etc without looking like your setting up a film production set.

Its light, and easy to throw in your bag without fear of breakage.


The Gorilla weighs next to nothing.

I couldn’t help having a go with my SLR camera to see if it would hold up. Well it did – just about in a triangular three leg position. Once I tried to twist or manoeuvre it to the side, backward or forward, it promptly collapsed.

There is also a heavier SLR version of the Gorilla if need be.

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