Only When We’re On Holiday: 22 Things We Do!

There are definitely a few things about us that change when we’re on holiday, (apart from reduced stress and being blissfully relaxed) and if we’re honest with ourselves, we know it.

Here are a few I think I can hold my hands up to:

  1. Talking to and smiling at strangers, because it just feels right!
  2. Not being as suspicious of strangers who start chatting away to me as though they’d known me their whole life.
  3. Wearing the brightest colours I can get my hands on.
  4. Becoming attached or overly preoccupied with the stray dog/cat (or they get attached to you).
  5. Taking pictures of trees.
  6. Eating a breakfast fit for a king, or three
  7. Or exceptionally unhealthy breakfasts that you probably wouldn’t dream of at home
  8. Ironically, and with extreme pendulum swing – those very healthy fruit breakfasts, since it’s all bee peeled, chopped and beautifully presented for you. No effort required.
  9. Those shorts.
  10. That bikini.
  11. Feeling like everything around me is photo and video-worthy, no matter what it is.sam_0597
  12. Sitting outside until the early hours of the morning staring at the stars, listening to the waves.
  13. Falling asleep on a hotel balcony at night.
  14. Feeling no urge whatsoever to switch the TV on.
  15. Calm acceptance of bites/stings, but any such discoveries whilst at home triggers emergency responses to a possible infestation or pandemic with intense inspections of the wound at regular intervals throughout the day, every day, until it disappears.
  16. Drinking lots of water doesn’t feel like such a chore.
  17. Clean towels twice a day and clean sheets daily are a must – all of a sudden.
  18. Fridge magnets become really interesting.
  19. Sitting outside and watching a downpour of rain, like watching a good film.
  20. Those cricket/insect type noises when you’re outdoors at night are quite relaxing – not sure I’d be saying this back in London.
  21. Feeling deeply upset about having to go home  -home sweet home!
  22. Shells become a serious collectors item.


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