Yellow Submarine, well not quite!

Since I’d never been on a submarine before, and I adore tropical fish – this seemed likeΒ really good excursion to cross off the list whilst in Barbados.



Now we cross over from our boat to the submarine


Down the hatch (not for the claustrophobic)


Know your fish.



At this point or commentator starts to suggest some appropriate conversation starters for the moment (depending on who you’re with of course!)

“How deep is your love?”

“I really think we’re starting to form a deeper connection”

“I’m looking for a deeper love”

“I really enjoyΒ our deep conversations”

“So now you can see I’m not a shallow person”

“Our love is deeper than ever right now”

I think you get the picture…….


You’ll find a short video down below…..

I’ll be honest, I didn’t realise the water might be a bit cloudy down there andΒ not quite like the clear/vibrant views we see in an aquarium, and no sharks.

It was still an interesting experience, but unless you ‘really’ want to go on a submarine, or have a lot of spending money to spare, I’d leave this until the end of your trip.

Anyway….the deeper under water Β you go the more colours fade into a pale murky version of the real colour – including colours of your clothing whilst in the submarine.

A few people said they felt a bit dizzy and tired when we got back up to the surface – apparently this is quite normal – though I didn’t really notice anything myself, plus the rum punch on the way back to land probably obscured and funny feelings!

We met a woman who had docked in Barbados that morning on a cruise ship for one day, she’d never been to Barbados or the caribbean before – and had chosen to spend half the day (her one and only day) on this trip. I felt a little sad for her, thinking of how much of the island she probably wouldn’t experience, St Lawrence Gap, Wild Life Reserve, Harrison’s Cave, Oistins etc…if you’re only on the island for one day – go and see Barbados!




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