Beach Banter #3


I’m pretty sure all the ladies have encountered a shark in the sea at some point.

No, I don’t mean the kind that have gills, fins and razor sharp teeth.

I’m talking about the lessΒ dangerous human equivalent, lurking in shallow waters, circling it’s desired target area, waiting for you to get in so they can pounce with their charming chat up lines, banking on a reduced chance of you making a quick getaway.


Beware of Coconuts

Whilst lounging under that beautiful coconut tree, just pray a coconut does not release itself and knock you out cold or worse, as this would be most unfortunate.

Death by coconut

Yes there is hidden danger on that perfect beach.




I usually freeze a bottle of water to take out with me the next day – staying hydrated is a ‘must’ in tropical heat.Β sam_0682

Now don’t get me wrong, fruity cocktails and tropical drinks are delicious too, but you’ll thank yourself for the water as well.


When we’re hydrated, we feel less irritable and tired, more alert and generally healthier.


One of the best places to watch a sunset is by the ocean, the backdrop of the sea makes the view all the more exquisite.

What is it about sunsets (and the sunrise) that we never tire of watching, that mesmerises us every time, as though it was the first time wed ever seen something so beautiful?

I think Jenna Snyder puts it perfectly on her blog:Β 10 Reasons To Watch The Sunrise And Sunset

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