Time For A Cuppa

Watched Bridget Jones’ Baby the other night – I didn’t realise Bridget was being played by the same actress, her face looks completely different in the film – is that prosthetics, age or surgery??

I saw a manΒ walking down the street with his dog the other day, the dog abruptly decided to just lay down in the middle of the pavement, refusing to get up while the owner looked a little embarrassed. Perhaps the dog was protesting against being led on a lead.

This evening I stoodΒ opposite a ‘young man’ on the tube reading a book entitled ‘How to Exasperate Your Wife’, good grief!!! The guy looked about 20 years old and fully engrossed in the short chapters. What madness is this!!

Exasperate, Β ‘irritate to anger’.

Why would anyone write such a book, propose such a task.Β Upon looking it up on Amazon, it turned out to be a self help type of relationship/marriage advice book written from a biblical perspective – so not the devious and destructive wife irritating manual I first thought it was. Moral of the story – don’t judge a book by it’s cover or title!







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