Time For A Cuppa’

This is where I just write whatever springs to mind whilst having a cup of tea, so it’s usually  dry random, and probably not that interesting, lol!


So we’ve had some mighty cold weather in London these past couple of weeks – the kind of days when you feel the chill go through your bones. On one of the coldest days, I encountered a man wearing a sleeveless leather jacket with tattoos all over his arms (he looked like an image from an America biker gang, thick beard, lots of leather and tough looking)  – I guess he wanted to show off his tattoos. He showed no visible signs of being cold, not a flinch, while the rest of us walked down the street huddled up in winter coats and thick scarves!! Amazing.


Some people just can’t handle the fact that you don’t agree with them, or that you dare to challenge their ideas/decisions, they reveal their insecurity by overreacting to you and becoming anally defensive. Their body language and ‘zero composure’ confirms it all – they cannot control the arms flying up and exaggerated body movements. Every response is like a defence reflex, rather than  a willingness to consider that you might actually have a point,that maybe they are not as wise as they think they are. It is also interesting that this type of person is often one who will criticise others for things that they are clearly guilty of themselves (but perhaps haven’t realised it yet). Its moment like these when I quietly remind myself that I don’t want to be one of those people.


At some point I think we all stop and realise that many people we know (close or otherwise) are going through some tough and life changing upheavals in their lives. Try to be supportive, try not to judge, try to be grateful/thankful for all the positive things you have going for yourself.


I need to track down the thin light cinnamon flavoured biscuits someone at work offered me the other day – they were deelish. I think she said they sell them in the pound shop, I’ll go looking next week.

Out of Touch

I didn’t realise the brand ‘MissGuided’ existed offline until I walked past their shop front in Westfield the other day! The bright pink gigantic four wheel truck/jeep display was hard to ignore without looking up to see the name of the shop.

Kuoni or Ikea?

During the same ‘Westfield’ shopping trip, I almost walked straight past KUONI thinking it was some sort of minimalist furniture shop, the in-store/window display wouldn’t really help catch your eye – unless you were looking for new shelves , I thought it was Habitat or something similar.



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