Women And The Health Care Industry: A Raw Deal?

Read, digest, consider.


“Modern medicine is lethal” pg. 7

Naivety and dependency may be at the root of many of today’s health problems per se.

‘Women and the Health Care Industry: An Unhealthy Relationship, by Peggy Foster’ explores this problem in terms of women’s health.

This is one from my long gone university reading lists, and still very relevant today!!

Have you ever thought that maybe the industry behind our every day health care systems might be operating to further unsavoury vested interests through the heavy dependence women have on our health care systems?

Have you ever stopped to question whether the health care systems and medicines you use might be hindering rather than enhancing your health?

What if medical professionals have deliberately held back information on the risks and side effects of commonly used drugs and treatments for fear of women choosing to stop or never start using them?

Though written in a more academic style, this book will definitely hold your interest if you are curious or concerned with the questions above.

After reading this book you might think differently about aspects of healthcare that women sometimes take for granted, e.g. contraception, infertility, mental health, menopause.

This is an excellent book for anyone interested in patterns of health inequality.

To be honest, I tend to think anything to do with pharmaceuticals will inevitably highlight a range of inequalities as this industry seems to be primarily driven to make money, first and foremost.


Women and the Health Care Industry: An Unhealthy Relationship by Peggy Foster

2 thoughts on “Women And The Health Care Industry: A Raw Deal?

  1. Le Marche Magic.

    I think we do get a raw deal….. Yes we do need more than men, because we are the ones to keep life going on this earth… I personally always have had a problem with the fact of how much we pay for our personal needs monthly, it is not just….. it is not like we can choose not to have our monthly, personally I think it should be free. I can go on and on but it becomes exhausting.

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