All That Jazz: The Misconceptions

Myths and Stereotypes

Jazz is boring

Jazz is for old people

Jazz is just something you only hear in old fashioned movie cocktail bar scenes


If you love saxophone, piano and double bass, Jazz is where you will find it all in abundance.

Now For The Science Bit…

Studies have shown Jazz musicians to exhibit patterns in the brain more strongly associated with personality expression, fun and being open to new experiences.

A Couple of Favourites

St Thomas,  – love that melody!

Hit the Road Jack…surely everyone loves this one!

Jazz Classics We’ve Probably All Heard


Retro Jazz!

Super Talented

Being able to play musical instruments is something I never stop admiring, hats off!

Once it gets going, this is definitely ‘flapper skirt’ music to swish to!

Love the way he carries on playing with one hand as he wipes his brow – just styles it out, ‘all that Jazz’ works up quite a sweat!

One last thing….jazz always seems to sound ‘jazzier’ at Christmas! 🙌



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