Listamania: Get Organised

I am a ‘listaholic’ and I don’t need help.

Lists are an understated staple for being organised and on top of things.

Lists can be a real comfort – hand written or typed.

Never underestimate the power of a list – it will force you to focus on what needs to be done and there is a genuine satisfaction that comes from ticking things off.

Lists can make you more productive.

It sounds cliche but writing things down does help bring them to life – when it’s written you can’t pretend/forget/avoid, once it’s in black and white you’ve practically made a contract with yourself.

So what kind of lists do I make?

  • Lists of things I need to buy on the way home/lunch time, from which shops and in what order
  • Lists of errands to run for the week
  • Lists of items to pack for a holiday – many of which are the same each time so I keep a template spreadsheet
  • Pinterest shopping wish lists  and ‘might buy’ lists (an easy ‘go to’ when I need ideas of a new outfit quickly)
  • Pinterest gift ideas lists. You never know when an unexpected occasion will arise where you might want to give someone a gift, as well as predictable birthdays and Christmas. To avoid being predictable and unprepared, I always keep a look out for interesting gift ideas and add them to this ongoing ‘go to’ list
  • I have Amazon lists for various things (books, household, digital music, clothes), including a wish list
  • I do most of my grocery shopping online, which is great because you can see lists of the previous items you’ve bought before. This makes remembering key items an easy task and I get the grocery shopping done quicker
  • Bucket list
  • Ideas for future blog posts
  • When planning a holiday I have lists of hotels to avoid, consider or definitely target (in order of preference) based on my research and reading reviews

and the list goes on….. 😆

List accessories:

List pads

Excel Spreadsheet

Mobile phone/tablet ‘notes’

PC ‘notes’

Post it notes

Bookmark lists

Note books


List pads come in lots of pretty designs these days, I got this one from TK Maxx with a magnetised back


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