Need a Hero? Well There’s Always Hope…

Ben Hope that is. The leading character in this book series.

I enjoy a good psychological thriller, so when I received a set of Scott Mariani books as a gift I was pretty pleased.

You’ll usually find some sinister plot going on in high up circles, and someone who needs to be rescued, brought to justice or hunted down.

You’ll have plenty of unexpected moments where your heart might just jump like it would in an action movie.

There’ll be a dark conspiracy running through the storyline, with Ben Hope on an action packed mission to save the day!

Hope just can’t resist getting involved.

Be warned, these books are not of the faint hearted, some descriptions are quite hard hitting and brutal, with some graphic violence and a lot of gun action. This was the only downside for me; other than  that, Mariani’s Ben Hope series is very easy to read so you’ll probably get through them in no time if you’re a fast reader!

I wonder how much of Ben’s stories are based on his Mariani’s own experiences……

After reading Dan Brown’s Angels and Demons (which I would rate 5 stars), Amazon recommended The Mozart Conspiracy as a similar book to read; this was my first book from the Ben Hope series, and I was hooked after that.

I’ve read a few from the collection and on the whole I’ve enjoyed them.

After reading a few, I started to think I’d probably enjoy the rest more as movies than books as the story lines start to sound similar in some places. I wonder whether there are any plans to put them on the big screen….


Just some the books in the Ben Hope series

The Forgotten Holocaust

Protecting a family secret at all costs, to a tragic end, a familiar conspiracy, an agricultural holocaust (5/10)

The Armada Legacy

The story kicks off with a dramatic kidnap and of course Ben is jumping on a plane to the rescue, there’s no shortage of the much anticipated action and drama we’re used to with Hope. Meanwhile, native jungle inhabitants in Peru are being slaughtered by a greedy psychopath gang lord as part of his quest for world domination – sounds like something from an Austin Powers movie, except it’s not comedy.

Doomsday Prophecy

This one started off well, straight into the heat of the action, no build up or longwinded introductions, but again the storyline just wasn’t quite gripping or convincing enough as some of his other books. The story just wasn’t believable, it felt like the prophecy aspect was just thrown in for good measure.

The Lost Relic

Constant gun shoot outs, and police chases – I’d say this makes up a good 90% of the book. Less psychological thrills or suspense and more like a predictable action movie. Ben’s relationship with Brooke is left hanging on a thread in this book. A few gory bits too!

The Mozart Conspiracy

Great story, lots of action, mystery and suspense. Fast paced.


Plenty to keep you going



The first Mariani book I read that got me hooked for a while

30 thoughts on “Need a Hero? Well There’s Always Hope…

  1. Melly

    Oh, my God, I love this series! I’m currently reading the sixth book and I’m totally in love with Ben. He’s one kind of a character! 😀 He’s so funny but most of all, he’s a cool badass and I like thrillers (but not only) where the main character is kicking asses, and hell, Ben’s doing it pretty well. I must agree at some points the description is very brutal and I feel sick but read nonetheless. I don’t know if I want to see a film based on the books, I’m not into films by books, I always find them insufficient.
    But I was really happy to see such a post and the title is everything!

  2. Candyfloss

    This is weird, I’m currently reading the Babylon Idol by Scott Mariani after it was on offer in Tesco. It’s OK but a bit too military for my tastes. One thriller I loved, but whose title I can’t remember, was about a serial killer who found his victims in an online virtual world, before killing them in the real world. I wish I could remember the title or author’s name because I want to read more! (Twitter: @Natterjacktoad7)

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