Global Lunch and Street Art: Brick Lane

Lets cut straight to it, Brick Lane will give you:



Street art (or graffiti if you prefer)

Aromatic spicy food, and an abundance of food in general






Brick Lane offers a feast for the eye, and a great way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Brick Lane London

One of London’s most iconic streets

Street Art

Now I’m not sure if it’s politically correct to use the term graffiti when the talent beaming from these exhibitions is so obviously treasured and admired throughout the Brick lane area. People come from all over with their Nikons and Canons to flex those lenses on the colour and beauty of endless street art randomly splattered on nearby buildings.

Brick Lane London Street Art

Amazing artistry on almost every corner, those eyes feel a little too real!

Brick Lane Street Art Graffiti

Vibrant graffiti art in what seems like every nook and cranny

Mahatma Gandhi Brick Lane

Mahatma Gandhi

Grafitti Street Art Brick Lane London

The middle picture…’key to your mind’

Donald Trump Graffiti Street Art Brick Lane London

Well well well!! Fancy seeing you here!

Brick Lane Street Graffiti London

This area was swarming with camera clad people, it’s a street photographers paradise

Brick Lane Street Art London

You just have to stop and look….

Brick Lane Jazz graffiti London

Jazz art

Around Brick Lane London 2

Around Brick Lane London

You will not be alone with your big lens around here, that’s for sure.

Spicy Food

If this is your bag you will not be disappointed.

There are so too many restaurants to count, and shops like the one below ‘Arzu’ to try something new.

Arzo Brick Lane Asian Food London

Love this shop – there was a huge queue as I walked past and whilst peering through the window the people in the queue were encouraging us to come in saying the food was really good.

Pakora Brick Lane London

I never knew there were so many different types of pakora!

Asian Foon London Brick Lane

The also sell all kinds of asian sweets too, and there’s a similar sweet shop next door

Asian Food Brick Lane London Poular shop

Spoilt for choice in here









Brick Lane Bird Street Art Graffiti London

Artistic talent in the most unexpected places

Brick Lane walls

This one seems to have been made from strips of coloured paper

Random Street Performer


Food Glorious Food

Brick Lane is a foodies paradise – and this is not an understatement. Along with outdoor food sellers there is a large indoor hall filled with hot food sellers from all around the world.

Brick Lane Food Hall London

This is like a secret food convention tucked away off the main road

Chinese Food Brick Lane London

Chinese food galore

Chines food in the style of ice cream London Brick Lane

I wanted to try one of these but I was too full – a bit of sweet n sour in a cone would have been yum, they do look pretty don’t they!

Falafel Brick Lane London Food

Everyone loves a falafel

Vegan corner Brick Lane Food London

Vegan corner

Try something new, Brick Lane Food London

Try something new!

Sausage selection Brick Lane london Foodie

Sausage selection

Brick Lane Hot Food London Thai

Thai food

Brick Lane Food Hall Japenese London

I had to try some of these!

Japenese Brick Lane Food Hall

Including octopus aka ‘takoyaki’ – but there was a tiny bit of octopus surrounded by a lot of batter. I’ve had octopus before and its like a tough rubbery prawn.

Brick Lane London Food Heaven

Brick Lane Food Hall Italian

Sellers are keen to let you taste before you buy which is a nice touch.

You will also find some interesting deserts and cakes as well as savoury foods.

Foodie paradise Brick Lane London

So much food, you don’t know which way to turn or what to choose, it’s a huge hot food market

Food glorious food Brick Lane London

Today’s Favourite










Gosleme Foodie Brick Lane London

Gosleme Brick Lane Food Hall London

Delicious  – tried the chicken and the vegetarian – both were lovely, you get a lot of food for £5

Brick Lane area 1

Lots more places to eat outside on the other side of Brick Lane

Brick Lane Area 2

Brick Lane Area 4

For those who like their designer bargains!

Brick Lane Area 6

Brick Lane area 5

Hats off!

Pray for Grenfell

Pray for Grenfell

Barbie Doll Prison

I spotted this in a little vintage arcade, is this meant to be some sort of weird Barbie prison or what!! There is something a little disturbing about this – some might say artistic!










Brick Lane Juice Sellers


Brick Lane Souvenirs

I should have gone in here for a fridge magnet


On almost every turn you will find a piece of art glaring at you

Peace Graffitie Street Art Brick Lane London

Brick Lane Graffiti Wall

Grafitti wall Shorditch

This one was taken near Shorditch station, along with the hedgehog below – not far from Brick Lane


Quirky Brick Lane London

Some strange/quirky stuff on Brick Lane







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