Time for A Cuppa

The world’s gone mad

Without repeating all the awful things that have been reported in the mainstream news recently, please forgive me for feeling like this.



Overheard a group of students having a reunion in a shop – one of them was at Leicester or Lancaster University. Another suggested her friend could drive them up there for a visit to which the nominated driver protested and said “I’m not driving all the way from London to Leicester (or Lancashire – can’t  remember which), that’s near Scotland!!”

Hmm, actually neither are anywhere near Scotland. Honestly, I get the sense that for some people, anywhere north of Watford is deemed ‘near Scotland’.

Epic geography fail.


How much?

So today I shelled out 90p for a bar of chocolate – granted it was the larger size Twix, but 90p!!! Won’t be doing that again.

People watching 

The other day I observed a man on a train rummaging in his bag of shopping with a good amount of rigour. This got my attention, I wondered what he was looking for so urgently!

The man pulled out a sealed packet of blue rubber gloves.


The man proceeded to look at the packet with very creased eyebrows and disapproving looks, flipping it over as if reading some detailed rubber glove instructions.

Then he ripped the packet open like a gift on Christmas day.

Remember, we’re on a London underground public tube carriage.

The man tried one of the rubber gloves on and held out his wrist/hand, twisting it this way and that with a look of severe displeasure, he was not impressed, reasons unknown.

The man was oblivious to other passengers watching him.

Never in my life have I witnessed anyone react with such unexplainable diva-like behaviour, to a packet of rubber gloves.

Get rid

What a relief when you drop a car load of stuff at the charity shop, knowing it will all go to a good home where it’s wanted and needed!

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