A Rainy Day in Dartmoor

Moody pictures from a rainy drive through Dartmoor.

Dartmoor falls under Plymouth, and is known to most as one of the UK’s most beautiful expanses of landscape beauty.

Driving along the scenic narrow roads, we passed Dartmoor prison, Β I wondered if the inmates got to enjoy the views! Apparently the prison holds low category offenders these days, with a strong emphasis on training and rehabilitation.

Other interesting facts:

  • The largest known slug to be seen on land lives in Dartmoor’s woodlands – reaching more than 20cm in length, that’s pretty big!
  • Dartmoor is also famous for its wild ponies, that used to carry tin from the mines before being released after the mines cooled down

The forestry in Dartmoor is beyond words, with so many amazing winding tree tunnelled roads and endless forestry – the roads are scarily narrow with sharp bends at times, not that this stops people from driving fast!


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