Stonehenge: A British Mystery in Wiltshire

So I can finally say I’ve been to Stonehenge and seen this mysterious world wonder.

Be warned – if you are heading out there be prepared for long ticket queues and a long process of actually making your way to the stones after purchasing your tickets.

Once you get your tickets you might as well have a look in the museum before heading for the stones, by the time you get back from the stones you’ll probably want to head back to your car/tour bus or sit and have lunch.

The museum leads to some outdoor exhibits.

You have two options – you can either walk to the stones or get on a shuttle bus.

Unless it’s raining/muddy, you have mobility difficulties or young children to carry, I would recommend walking up to the stones via the scenic route, to take in the country air and views, then get the shuttle bus back down to base.

The bus route up to Stonehenge – you can walk up the tarmac road or take the walk through the countryside aka ‘the scenic route’


The scenic route: look for gate across to the left and cut through – the path takes you up to the stones

Fabulous poppy fields


Just follow the trodden path…

The mystery of Stonehenge rests around how people in those days were able to move these stones from one part of the country to another, let alone lift them into the present arrangement.

There were big black ravens all over the stones, which looked a bit eerie!
















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