Gyllyngvase Beach: Cornwall

It takes approximately 15 mins to walk from Falmouth town centre up to Gyllyngvase beach, Falmouth’s biggest beach, it’s an ‘up and then down hill’ walk, but a pleasant one in the summer.

You can’t help but stop and admire the gardens of local residents, bursting with colour and vibrant flowers.

You’d be forgiven for thinking you were in B&B land, because they do seem to dominate the area, most of which had the ‘no vacancies’ sign showing – so do book in advance!

To the beach….

Paddle boarding is a ‘thing’ around here. If you go down to the beach on an evening, (must be to do with the tide) crowds of people gather for paddle boarding and groups of children looked like they were having organised lessons.

There are plenty of pathways for walking and taking in the views and sea air.




There are lots of narrow winding pathways like this around the coast – feels a bit like being in a maze, and it can get a bit tight when there’s two way people traffic – mind the nettles!

Take heed!



The pride taken in the area and gardens is very apparent and refreshing to see.


This is a scary one!

The walk back to the centre of Falmouth, and The Grove hotel

Almost every property you see is a guest house of other type of tourist accommodation.










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