Falmouth Town Centre: Cornwall

Falmouth town centre is deceivingly large and winding, with plenty places to get something to eat.

The harbour is very picturesque, and there are some quirky shops with funny titles.

It was a pleasure visiting Falmouth for two nights.

A very relevant title!

Not so different from people then!

Ver nice indeed – Rick Stein’s

Lots more restaurants to choose from around here – and the harbour is jus behind



Street art











7 thoughts on “Falmouth Town Centre: Cornwall

  1. milliethom

    Some lovely photos of Falmouth town centre, Cherryl. We didn’t get into the town centre, as we’d set out only to visit the Maritime Museum there. But we took photos of the picturesque harbour before heading along the road to Pendennis Castle. I haven’t posted about either yet, but might get round to it at some stage. πŸ˜€

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    1. Cherryl

      It would be great to see your photos too when you get around to it. Falmouth was our base for two nights whilst on a tour. We didn’t go to the Maritime Museum because by the time we got back to Falmouth each evening it was closed – never mind!


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