Glastonbury: Not what I was expecting!!

Admittedly, until this trip I only ever had visions of mud, fields, wellies and music festivals whenever I thought of Glastonbury.

I came away with a completely different picture.

The most striking thing about the town was that almost every shop was some sort of spiritual type, there were shops selling crystal balls and other related items, and many of the shop names fit in with this theme.

I now understand that Glastonbury is also known for it’s strong pagan and spiritual religious practices.


Homeward bound!








19 thoughts on “Glastonbury: Not what I was expecting!!

  1. Image Earth Travel

    My partner is from Glastonbury and has many colourful stories to tell – I love the feel of this town.

    I have also done the last 2 festivals as a Steward but the festival isn’t in Glastonbury as the name suggests, it’s actually in the village of Pilton, which is close by.

    I’ve written a Glastonbury post you may like to read. Did you walk up to Glastonbury Tor? πŸ™‚

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