Today I Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything: Lazy Days!

Sing along now…..

There are days when you just want to do absolutely nothing of any real use.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with this.

Don’t feel guilty.

Sometimes you just need to listen to your inner self and give yourself a lazy break (without the hassle of planning, booking and lugging yourself on holiday, or whatever it is you usually do for a ‘planned’ rest).

In some cases we might plan and prepare for a lazy day in advance – stocking up on any necessary props and supplies.

How do you spend your lazy days?

A lazy day means different things to different people – for me, the following have been successfully tried and tested!

Have a DVD Day



Yes, I recently went through an intense X Files phase!

DVD selections for a lazy day are of course your choice, and don’t forget the popcorn.

Sweet & Salty!

Spend pretty much all day in the bathroom (AKA, a DIY Spa Day)

  • Light lots of candles
  • See just how many bubbles you can fill the bath with
  • Exfoliate, scrub, cleanse, deep condition, moisturise etc…
  • Wear a white robe and white slippers
  • Play some ‘relaxing’ music (sounds of the ocean, or the rain forest perhaps – find some on youtube if you’re stuck)

You don’t need to buy anything special, your good old favourites will do just fine!



Do your nails and treat your hands to some nice hand creams (Lilly of the Valley is my current favourite….these make great gifts too).


Go Shopping! Online

Start planning ahead – and pinΒ any items to come back to or keep an eye on for ‘whatever’ occasion…. (remember you can keep any or all of your pins private if you wish) #Pinterest. Update your wish lists too if you have any.

  • That holiday
  • The new gym kit
  • Updated capsule pieces
  • The home makeover
  • The garden over haul
  • That weekend away
  • The DVD collection
  • The book collection
  • Perfect party dresses
  • Gift ideas –Β so you’re never left scratching your head when the need arises
  • Next Christmas
  • Things to come back to in the sales

Wear Pyjamas if you want to

However you choose to spend you lazy day at home, it wouldn’t be a lazy day without a lazy outfit, so make sure you have some suitable loungewear on hand.


Indulge In A Good Book

Essential accompaniments:

  • Comfy chair or bed
  • Cosy blanket
  • Big cups of tea
  • Decent biscuits

Take An Afternoon Nap


Eat Cake

You might have bought these in before hand if you were planning the day in advance!


Get Takeaway

You can buy these kits in advance from most supermarkets, with all the extras, like popadoms etc…if you can be bothered to switch the oven on to warm it all up. If not, get something delivered on the day.

Look through old photographs

These days I prefer to make photo books rather than print them all out, unless I want specific pictures for a frame.

Have a Blog Binge

Or simply do absolutely nothing all day!












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