Fancy A Cuppa?

Bikini Land

Whilst drooling over the atlas recently I discovered the island of ‘Bikini’, yes you heard me right, there’s actually an island called Bikini and it’s ‘smokin’ hot’, quite literally.

Bikini is a highly volcanic island in the North Pacific. I thought this was interesting lol, I wonder if everyone wears bikinis on Bikini!

The tiny island of Bikini


I have recently come to remind myself just how attractive and contagious ambition is, in a person. Ambitious people are generally positive, solution finders, enthusiastic and optimistic about trying to get the most out of whatever opportunities are available; they never stop looking for opportuities.

Ambition doesn’t have to be about money and careers, it can be about anything in life that brings you happiness and fulfilment, it’s that active drive to seize, achieve and build on a goal, no matter how small.

Ambitious people are usually inspired by the success of others, not jealous; they enjoy seeing others do well too.

Current Mood

I’m sure a lot of people can relate….












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