Tap Taps To Trinidad: Caribbean Adventures

Now I know what a ‘tap tap’ is!!! I had no idea before reading this book.

Tap Taps To Trinidad, by Zenga Longmore, is a quirky little book that tells the tales of a woman’s (largely solo) experiences of hopping around a number of caribbean islands, somewhat naively at times. She seems to have a habit of getting into cars with men she doesn’t know. Some might say she’s brave! I wouldn’t.

I’d say this is a tale to read in longer sittings, so that you can get into the flow of the book – it’s not really one for dipping in out of on the daily commute, especially if you’re trying to get used to the dialect.

This book has a way of really drawing you into the scenery and characters, like you’re watching it on a screen – in fact, I think this would make an amazing film or drama series, full of vibrant colour, culture, sounds, funny stories and intriguing personalities.









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