London Southbank and Food Market

Pottering around London’s Southbank on a weekend is an easy way to spend the day – people watching, take in the music, street entertainment and food. There’s always something going on and the atmosphere is relaxed and chilled out.

Once you’re done at the food market, head up to the main Southbank terrace/centre where there are more restaurants and places to have a drink – then head down to street level along the Thames to soak up the vibe along the river.

Some food markets are so big you don’t know where to look or turn first, thankfully this one is a nice modest size and easy to navigate.

Lamb fillet wrapped in a flatbread: you certainly get a lot of meat in this one!








This was the Greek lunch I tried – the bread was nice, but the box is mostly filled with salad.


I tried a juice from here that had dragon fruit, pineapple and few other fruits I can’t remember, but healthy, and nice and icy!


Kids were having the time of their life in the water fountain!!

Remembrance of Nelson Mandela


Street entertainers







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