Log Cabins and Bears: Skiing in Greece!

Well I didn’t actually go skiing.

After a hearty lunch in Kalambaka, I found myself in Metsovo, part of a Greek ski resort area in Epirus, which in a few more weeks would be white with snow. It was a flying visit really (as part of a wider excursion), but it was lovely to get a bit of a preview.

Just imaging all this covered in white, with smoke coming out of every chimney….

I’ve never been skiing before so this is as close as I’ve come to the act itself!

The village is like a story book picture, with cosy looking cabin style shops, restaurants and guest houses all clustered tightly together in a small hilly area with the iconic bear statue at the centre. Goldilocks springs to mind, along with Hansel and Gretel.

The theme is ‘wooden’, and the rustic atmosphere must look dreamy when deep in snow and lit up for Christmas.

The conker I brought home with me, a really hard shiny one straight from the tree! Remember the days when children used to have conker fights (before apps and social media….) Not sure if they bother with conkers anymore!

The village territory is not far away from the native brown bears, I wonder if they ever pop down from time to time.

These were some cakes purchased from the local cake shop/patisserie. Forgive me if I use the wrong term here – the shop also sold all kinds of cheese and sausage meats.


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By the end of this day out I really began to realise just how diverse Greece’s beauty is, with blue views around the islands and coastlines, the untouched rural towns with cute little lanes and brightly coloured homes, and all the pretty little ‘off islands’ that span almost all the way down to Turkey, to the river views with lush forestry. There really is a lot to appreciate and I would definitely like to see and explore more of Greece in the future.

Lunch in Kalambaka earlier that day….

The lady in the picture seemed to be the boss in this kitchen – another family restaurant – as is the way in Greece!

Greece, it was a privilege to visit you. x










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