Shopping Shenanigans

To all those venturing out into the sales, I hope you manage to make it home with a smile!

I’m not sure what happened to the days when:

  1. I could find the time to spend a whole day wandering up and down/in and out of shops and coming home with a few nice things to make the time feel well spent
  2. I actually enjoyed spending hours wading through shop floors ‘looking’ for something to catch my eye

These days I only tend to venture out for purposeful shopping if there is something I’m specifically targeting, otherwise I’m a loyal online browser and about 90% an online shopper.

Just thinking about ‘Black Friday’ gives me a headache…and don’t even mention the January sales.

Click and collect Β – where would we be without you!

Well I’ll let you be the judge of this one!

I dread to think of the hours I’ve spent in shops, only to return home empty handed because ‘nothing caught my eye’.

Then there’s the journey home at the end of it all – what joy!

The traffic jams on the road are not much better either

Shopping has become somewhat stressful, the crowds, the untidy shop floors, the overwhelming feeling of there being too much to look at, not knowing where to start, the queues for the changing rooms, and then the despair of not liking anything you look at.

Shopping blog SAM_0570

The best thing about the experience becomes the lunchtime stop or tea and cake break.

I think I have more of a pragmatic approach these days.Β Basically, if you see something you absolutely love/really like (but don’t need it yet), buy it if you can afford it (within reason).

When you go out looking for the perfect party dress, bargain boots or whatever, you probably won’t find it so always try and give yourself a head start on things if the budget allows.

Anyone fancy a squirrel necklace?

It’s true, online shopping can feel endless and hard to keep track of but Pinterest is a life saver for keeping track of your browsing and organising it into categories. Keep pin boards for different things you browse and then you can go back at anytime and see all the things you have ‘pinned’ that you might want to return to buy later or look back at during sale periods of you’re after reduction.

Despite the above, I always enjoy browsing for homeware, there is something quite comforting and relaxing about browsing things for the home, maybe it’s a nesting instinct that starts to kick in at the sight of throws, cushions and candles, I don’t know, but I never tire of it.

It’s also quite interesting when you discover some random shop like this one – a cuff link collector’s paradise:

Not something you see every day…

Despite the rant, I know I will still have the odd shopping day – preferably on a rainy week day to avoid the crazy crowds.

Happy shopping!







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