Cigars and Caves in the Vinales Valley

Day three of the Cuban Experience tour took us into some of the most scenic views I had the pleasure of seeing in Cuba. The Vinales valleys are deep, high, lush and never-ending.

The Vinales region is an approximately 2hr 30 mins drive from Havana and a flourishing expanse dotted with tobacco farms. You will get your best priced cigars directly from a farm owner and this one had a little shop selling them by the bundle.

Shock horror, I went to Cuba and didn’t buy any cigars – nope – not even as a souvenir. I just didn’t feel any desire to bring any home – I don’t smoke and I’m very happy with bits and pieces of arts and crafts I  bagged during my trip. I suppose you could probably say cigar rolling is a craft since its all done by hand and in the cigar factories the staff have to unroll them and start again if they’re not rolled to correct width and length.

Thatched designs are a bit of a common theme throughout Cuba, not just in Vinales. Cotswalds eat your heart out! Tobacco leaves are hung up to dry inside until the are ready to roll!

Cowboy hats are also a popular look – love it!!

Dipping cigars in honey before smoking is still a common habit apparently.

Fresh tobacco leaves

Tobacco crop before harvest

Those windows make the barns look like faces, and the views from these farms are stunning

Tobacco farm workers spotted on a break, showcasing some pretty good human camouflage

La Cueva del Indio

A prehistoric cave and underground river located in the Vinales region.

The climb up to the cave entrance

Not for the claustrophobic, there are a few very narrow and low areas to manipulate yourself through

Our boat awaits

Giving your cattle a a refreshing bath

Mural de La Prehistoria

A representation of the evolution of of life

Preparations were underway for a wedding ceremony

Time for lunch

I think this dog knows the green cross code!

Vinales views

Human statues seem to be a popular thing in Cuba

Back on the road again












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