The Beneficiaries of New U.S.-Cuba Regulations (Re-Blog)

I hope you don’t mind me re-blogging your post – I’d like to think more people might become curious about Cuba. Having returned from Cuba recently, I am intrigued by this country, its history and present day relationships with the rest of the world. It’s beauty and character is captivating whist its people are pleasant and welcoming – a peaceful people who just want to live and let live.

Repeating Islands

Cuba tourism

Just over a week ago the US administration published new regulations governing travel and trade between the US and Cuba. Their effect is to partially reverse elements of the more liberal policy towards Cuba adopted by President Obama, and to setback relations. Caribbean Intelligencereports:

They turn into law a range the policies that President Trump announced earlier this year banning all US citizens from engaging in direct financial transactions with more than 180 entities and sub-entities identified on a ‘Cuba Restricted List’. This includes companies, manufacturers, the port of Mariel and its associated development zone, and over 80 hotels, travel agencies, and shops: all facilities the US Administration believes are benefitting the Cuban military, its security services or their personnel. They also end individual people-to-people travel, allowing only carefully controlled group travel in ways Washington believes will improve its long-standing statutory ban on US tourism to Cuba.

In future all…

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