Doing the Locomotive in San Juan de Los Remedios

San Juan de Los Remedios is one of the oldest colonial towns in Cuba.

Just mind yourself when you’re crossing the wonderfully busy roads…..

A sneaky peak through one of many open doors….

No hard hats!!

The sugar mills are interesting, but the sight of those locomotive trains was show stopping; they’re just huge, mighty and seeped in history – beautiful!

The roar of the steam and old fashioned whistle was a real privilege to hear and witness up close, and when I realised we were actually going to ride on one I was pretty excited.

Like good students, we sat and watched a video about the sugar mill before our tour started

Hey it’s Che!

We had a train to catch!

Sugar mill

Sugar mill

Our tour guide and driver kindly offered to demonstrate….

…but the they couldn’t get it to stop so a helper stepped in

Did someone order a sugarcane juice?


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