Beach Banter #7

Walking on water!

I saw three men walking on water – it’s not brilliant but watch the hastily filmed clip!

I’m not sure if he stepped on a jellyfish or what but something startled him… Cayo  Ensenachos.

I tried to rescue a Jellyfish

This is the first jellyfish I’ve come face to face with, it was pretty big, vibrantly blue and resting on the sand looking as though it had been swept up by the waves on a beach in Varadero – but when I managed to nudge it back into the water it gripped the sand and stayed put when the waves swept it back to shore. I guess this jellyfish wanted to chill out on the beach for a while then! I hope nobody  got stung.



I spotted the tiniest crab I’ve ever seen – it looked like a black pea rolling across the sand, stopping and starting like a little robot. On close inspection you could see his little crab body – very cute, but I bet the pinch still hurts.


Although not strictly anything to do with the beach, I’ve cottoned on that that if you get insect repellent on your nail varnish it melts/dissolves. Maybe it depends what brand you use  – but I’ve experienced the same problem on several different holidays to confidently confirm this to be the case.

Dissolves your nail polish, and just be carful what surfaces you spray it on as it can ruin some fabrics. While we’re on the subject – the spritz is better than the aerosol.

And while we’re talking about things melting – so did my tub of raw shea butter (don’t ask me why I took it to the beach), as did the jar of coconut oil in the hotel room (like I expected).

Beach Rage

It seems that beach rage is a ‘thing’. A very nice polite couple tentatively attempted to pull up two beach loungers where they though there was some space under the beach umbrellas (the straw type). A few minutes later a more mature woman and her partner returned from a dip in the sea, to the very same area  – the older woman started shouting angrily at the young couple in quite a rage, clearly very agitated by their presence. I don’t know what she said as none of it was in English.

The younger couple remained polite and composed, before edging themselves away from the angry woman into the baking hot sun, with no shade. Very nice!

Gate Crashing A Wedding

A good old beach wedding to nosey at always helps the beach day go by, right?

It was a simple affair but very pretty to watch, along with many other people on the beach (I mean who needs guests).  In fact the bride and groom didn’t seem to have any guests, just the two of them (I can hear you singing the song now….we can make it if we try…). Anyway, I was tempted to take a picture or two, like quite a few other iPhone happy onlookers were busy doing, but I didn’t.

I just felt like they deserved some privacy without my intrusion – I hear you yawn!

The wedding march alerted us to the event – played on a recorder, understated yet beautiful.

The bride wore a tasteful white crochet type beach cover with a white bikini underneath – and a bandeau strip around the chest. Nice and simple. I guess you don’t really want to be flapping layers of heavy skirt, long trails and veils on a scorching hot beach in Varadero now do you.

Suspected deviants

On this particular day, two of a large group of men on the beach appeared t be surrounded by hotel security staff and discussions were taking place. At first I thought maybe they’d been victims of theft, but after a lot of talking and looking around the area they’d been lounging in, at least six security staff escorted the men off the beach.

Seemed a bit heavy on the security – all the more, considering that I had been on an excursion with that group the day before and recognised them straight away.

If there were curtains on the beach I would have been twitching them, lol.


As mentioned before, it gets absolutely everywhere, but this time I seemed to have it my mouth (how – goodness knows). Also, the havoc of sand mixed with any sun creams of lotions on your skin is a true nightmare waiting to happen.



This is the feeling I got when my sixth sense told me I was being watched by someone on the beach, he was wearing those reflective goggle type sunglasses as frozen as a statue, sometimes you just know!

Cuba Varadero Beach Banter sunset SAM_0292

Varadero beach sunset

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