Snapshots of Cienfuegos

More insights from the beautiful island and people of Cuba.

Cienfuegos actually means ‘one hundred fires’.

Cienfuegos is where the revolutionary uprising against Fulgencio Batista took place.

Commercial art sellers

Tomas Terry theatre

Time for a sail around the bay

Locals promoting their restaurant

Quick stop at a pretty palace

Palace floor tiles

Visit to a botanical garden

3 thoughts on “Snapshots of Cienfuegos

  1. maristravels

    Not sure where to ut my comment so I choose Cienfuegos as I so enjoyed your photographs of this lovely town. We were there way back in the early 80’s (we had to fly from Madrid as there were no flights from the UK then – politics), but I only spent one day in Cienfuegos and didn’t see half as much as you did. Certainly my pictures aren’t anything to boast about.
    I wanted to say thank you for all the ‘likes’ you’ve put on my posts. I really appreciate the fact that you’ve read them, ticked and commented. I’m working my way through yours at the moment and am totally in live with your vibrant colours.

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