Things to do in Antalya Turkey

Top 3 things to do in Antalya Turkey

When you visit Antalya Turkey for the first time it soon becomes apparent that aside from it’s beaches, waterfalls and shopping are two of it’s most popular tourist attractions, and for good reason.

I can see why Antalya shows off it’s waterfalls, they are pretty impressive and they’ve got quite a few.

As far as shopping goes, brand named clothes are dirt cheap and Micheal Kors handbags are EVERYWHERE (which is enough to put you off these bags for life ladies).

Before you ask me about fake designer labels – I have absolutely no idea, but if you find yourself buying Armani Jeans for 20 Euros you can probably work it out. Everything seems legit, tagged, priced and sold openly in shops and markets.

Manavgat Waterfall

I saw four waterfalls whilst out and about in Antalya Turkey, and this was the one that had the most powerful first impression on me. You hear the falls before you see them, and as I approached the falls I had to do a quick double take to reassure myself the place wasn’t flooded. The Manavgat waterfall seemed to be seeping up to where we were all walking, the current was strong and it looked deep. I had visions of banks breaking and everyone being swept away down the river.

I soon got over it though, and like most other curious souls, I was up near the edge staring at this monstrous mass of moving water with intrigue.

Manavgat Waterfall

If your short of things to do in Antalya Turkey, the waterfalls should keep you busy for a while.

There were various sellers in the park, as you can see here – T shirts for five Euros!!
Retro police car

Shopperholic’s Paradise: Dickman Textile Outlet

A holiday rep described this as the TK Maxx of Turkey”, and he wasn’t wrong. Dickman Textiles shopping outlet had practically every sports brand and commonly known designer labels in full force at ‘next to nothing’ prices (i.e. 7 euros for a T shirt). There’s a massive children’s section, shoes, men and womenswear and they take cards and cash including pounds sterling!

There were people in there who had clearly come to Antalya Turkey with one thing in mind – shopping. They were buying what seemed like hundreds of items in one go – stocking up like there was no tomorrow – I’m guessing they travelled with empty suitcases.

If shopping’s your thing – be sure to add Dickman Textiles to your itinerary. You can check this off easily as part of an organised Antalya shopping tour that also includes the Manavgat Market.

You’re given a wrist band before you enter, and then you’re given a big blue ‘Ikea’ bag to go around the shop with, yep! No trolly, no baskets, just a good old ‘roomy’ Ikea bag.
This outlet is huge – and very much in the lay out and style of TK Maxx
Interestingly, they remove the tags when you get to the tills

Time for lunch

The lake by the restaurant

There wasn’t any desert with lunch but I think these views made for a worthy substitute!

It wasn’t even a bright sunny day, pretty cloudy in fact, yet look at those colours. I quite like the moody skies, they give the scene a more dramatic energy.

You’ll have to forgive me for not stepping onto the lovely pier, those legs looked a little weak!
Looks like someone’s getting ready for a bonfire
Typical views on the way back to base






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