Chasing Waterfalls, a Turkish Delight!

“Don’t go chasing waterfalls” they said….

Well that’s precisely what I did do, I chased four waterfalls whilst in Antalya, and they were well worth the effort. Earths natural elements never cease to astound me with their beauty, so I probably won’t stop chasing waterfalls.

I managed to check off four Turkish waterfalls in one day (including the mighty Manavgat Waterfall); first stop was the Karpuzkaldiran Waterfall, not too far from Lara beach and an iconic Antalya tourist spot.

Karpuzkaldiran Waterfall

Holidaying in Antalya this summer? Looking for a waterfall with a difference?

Just minutes away from Turkey’s Lara beach resort strip are falls that sit opposite a majestic snow capped mountain range, surrounded by panoramic views of the deep blue Mediterranean Sea against the tall, proud high-rise skyline of Antalya city. 

Karpuzkaldiran falls boasts this unusually diverse scene and more, with zip lining and picnics to boot, weather permitting.

So that’s a city scape, mountain ranges and ocean views all in the same place – impressive!

Set against a green turfed park, four powerful frothy pillars gush down a tall sharp vertical drop into the sea below. Whichever direction you look, you’ll be clicking your camera finger.

Beautiful surrounding blue views

Mountains across the way

Views of Antalya city

Where all the zip-lining happens

Waterfalls in the city, Antalya city

How to use a chair to hang out your rug!

Kursunlu National Park and Waterfall

Still chasing waterfalls, I felt like I’d walked into a magical scene from a fantasy film, hidden away in a idyllic deep pine forest, the sound of water trickling, rippling and gushing on every turn, under a roof of branches and the chorus of bird calls. Kursunlu National Park feels small and secluded, a perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of the city beyond it’s gates.

Camel rides for sale

Dreamy scenes at Kursunlu National Park and Waterfall, Antalya Turkey

Duden Waterfall

This is why we ought to keep chasing waterfalls

Behind the scenes











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