Keep on pushing on

The man in the picture was a staff member in a hotel – I just thought it was a funny picture (clearly he isn’t pushing a mobile ‘beach bar’ lol, just the rubbish from a beach bar) who knows what goals he may have, perhaps he’ll own a string of bars one day, maybe he already does – it’s very hard to accurately judge a book by it’s cover these days, what with secret millionaires sneaking around doing good deeds and seemingly rich posers turning out to be bankrupt or fakers for social media. I digress.

We all have something we are striving for, or want to work toward (even if we haven’t taken the first step yet).

Once you make your mind up about a goal you want to achieve, don’t let anyone hold you back. Not anyone.

Nurture your idea, research and plan. Keep seeking ways to move forward, little by little and make your goal a priority, find time for it every day. Keep the end goal in sight, visualise the mission ‘accomplished’ and feed this cycle, every chance you get.

Obstacles are sometimes opportunities in disguise.

Opportunities to learn, to make better choice, to enhance an existing plan, step back  and re-evaluate, to consider things you may have overlooked.

Obstacles offer a learning curve that tend to leave you a little wiser once you’ve worked through them.

I read a really interesting post on ‘Overcoming Obstacles’ today which really drove home my belief that an obstacle is only ‘so called’ depending on how you perceive it and how you react to it. The mind has a lot to answer for in terms of the stress and anxiety we can load onto ourselves. Fear is quite often at the root of staying put, not trying something different or taking a calculated risk.

Sometimes you have to have faith, take a chance and not let fear hold you prisoner.

Let your haters be your motivators – they are a constant reminder that you’re doing something right, something worthwhile and worthy of their time and attention despite their resentment while you strive.

Know your strengths. Don’t let anyone put you down for them i.e. “you’re too ambitious”, “too confident”, “too nice” or whatever it is. A weak character is good at criticising others, but struggles to:

  1. Focus on their own flaws quite so openly and confidently
  2. Uplift and be unconditionally complimentary to others  – particularly those who have something they lack


Stay focused.

Keep your eye on the prize (or prizes).

Don’t be distracted by unsupportive influences and people.

Gravitate towards positive influences and people.

Stay patient but persistent, keep on pushing on.


Something I found on line……that seems like a quite fitting note to end on





2 thoughts on “Keep on pushing on

    1. Cherryl

      I’m glad you feel that way, if my words reach just one person and resonate in a positive way then I’ve achieved what I set out to do. We all need to hear encouraging and motivational words from others from time to time, no mater how strong, confident or ‘together’ someone might seem. We’re all human, and I think we all go through the same feelings at some point in our lives, whether we’re up or down. Thanks for reading – and keep on pushing on ☺️👌🔆

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