Kensington Gardens

With just a few steps from Hyde Park, you’ll find yourself roaming around London’s Kensington Gardens, which used to be a deer park; yet even more sprawling masses of green space to soak up.

Have a wander around Megan and Harry’s back yard, amongst the swans and tree lined pathways or sit amidst the squirrels (that will jump onto your bench, sit beside you, nearly knock over your bottle of water and stare you out – waiting for you to give them food. True story).

London may have a lot to answer for when it comes to traffic, pollution, crowds, hustle and bustle – but it certainly compensates for some of that with parks like this – it’s absolutely massive, overwhelmingly green and a welcome resting place from the busy city streets.

You can walk under the bridge or cross over the road to step from Hyde Park into Kensington Gardens…and vice versa

This chap was dedicated to feeding the pigeons – he had them flocking around and landing on him to eat out of his hand…

More fabulous trees…

Bear hug at a water fountain

An artist and his easel…


Tunnel between Hyde park and Kensington Gardens

Divided by water, Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens

The squirrels are surprisingly bold, not scared of people and very conformable getting close to you!

The previous home of Princess Diana with Prince Charles

Ice cream

It’s really interesting to get a glimpse of the wide range of birds and wildlife thriving in this garden…


Caption this…

I couldn’t just walk past this and not take a picture…..share your best captions below!!












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