A Bookworm’s Paradise: Hay on Wye Brecknockshire Wales

Honestly, I think this town should be named “Bookworm Village” since I’ve never been anywhere with so many book stores and outdoor book shelves with rock bottom priced books, all in such a small cluster. Even the place where we stopped for lunch had books shelves filled with books that customers could take for free!!  The book lover community is strong in Hay On Wye, very strong.

Not surprisingly, Hays hosts and annual literary festival “The Festival, which claims to draw some 80,000 visitors is held over ten days at the beginning of June and is now sponsored by The Guardian newspaper”

Of course Hay On Wye is also another beautiful snippet of Welsh splendour, characterful streets, quirky shops and a peaceful pace of life. It also has a reputation for being Wales’ answer to Notting Hill “You’ll pay London prices for the cupcakes but you can still find a bargain property on the high street”

I’m sure people won’t mind a pricey cup cake in exchange for reasonably priced property lol! London’s prices are pretty insane really.

Anyway, enough of London, let’s explore more of Wales…..

Antiques shops are popular around Hays

Intriguing twists and turns

Very good advice!

In case the blurry sign o the wall is hard to read it says “If you are smoking in this house you better be on fire” or more politely put ‘No smoking please’

Proper chips, with skins to prove it

£1 each gasp!! Bear in mind some of these books were brand new!!

These are probably collectors items – at bargain prices.

There were two of these walls of book shelves in this yard – absolutley booktastic!

Hopefully any violators will be met with a hefty parking fine!











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