A Trip To The Beach: A True Story

The fact that this is a true story made it a ‘must read’ for me – being the beach and tropics lover that I am. Whilst in London, daydreaming about being in the sun, I was convinced that this book would take me away to the caribbean and under a lovely palm tree while I count the days to my next sunny getaway.

Anguilla. Sounds nice, I’ve never been there before.

Bob and Mel decide to escape to Anguilla, set up a business and live happily ever after in paradise, where ‘stress’ is not a word in the island’s vocabulary. They become part of the local community and decide there’s nowhere else they’d rather be.

“at 30mph I could see the sights: a roadside stand with coconuts for sale, a woman peddling pomegranates on a table in her yard, an old man getting a haircut on his front porch.”

“Why would anyone choose to live surrounded by concrete and traffic rather than fishing boats, water and palm trees?” Good question!!

“the colour of the water looked like a painter’s palette – blues and greens mingled with white where the waves broke over the coral reefs or hit the shore”

“Island time. It slowed our heartbeats and eased our blood pressure”

The book is focused quite a lot on Bob and Mel’s restaurant and getting that up and running with all the day to day happenings surrounding it.

Not sure I’d describe any caribbean island as a ‘third world country’ though – as the authors did.

Anyway, this would make a great holiday read if you’re looking for something easy going and in the vein of holidays/vacations.








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