It comes, it goes

Sometimes it flows

Why we don’t abolish it, nobody knows

It fuels emotions and creates many woes

Invest it wisely and sometimes it grows

Share if you care, share if you can

Think about your future and start making a plan

Money changes lives, creates competition, stresses and strife

Money can significantly change someone’s life

Money has it’s roots in many worldly ills

The rich shop harder while the hungry lay still

Money buys a treat, money pays the bills

For some, it brings comfort with the deep void it fills


Just a few poetic thoughts that crossed my mind earlier today……

14 thoughts on “Money

    1. Cherryl

      Aww thanks for the lovely feedback – glad you liked the post and the picture – I think is carries some relevant symbolism (striving, aiming high, out of reach, money doesn’t grow on trees – but also a sense of answers being heaven bound!) Just recently I was thinking how powerful pictures can be – sometimes they can say so much more than words. Have a great week xx πŸƒπŸ”†

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